PEINTURES P.M.S. was founded in 1983 by Paul and Marc Chantal. At that time the two brothers were working in the field of automotive and commercial paint. Both of them realized that painters were often left to fend for themselves when settling technical painting problems. No training was given at that time by manufacturers. Paul and Marc Chantal founded PEINTURES P.M.S. for the specific purpose of meeting the needs in training and technical support of customers using automotive and commercial paints.

In furthering this intention, in 1986 PEINTURES P.M.S. opened the first private training center. Even before other manufacturers did so, they had a large number of trainers travel throughout Quebec to help painters develop or refine their techniques. They also promoted high quality products.

Over the years, PEINTURES P.M.S. developed a faithful clientele, which among others included the ABB BOMEM company in Quebec City, which ordered from PEINTURES P.M.S. the paint used on the Canadarm in 1990.

Paul Chantal died in 1993. Since then, Marc Chantal has shouldered company administrative duties alone while ensuring that his staff is aware of the spirit and objectives which were at the very heart of the company when it was founded.

To offer even better service to its customers who are located throughout Quebec, PEINTURES P.M.S. opened a branch in Montreal in 1995. That was the year in which Prévost Car became a new customer.

In 1996, the head office in Quebec City was relocated in ultramodern premises, work units were restructured, a sophisticated ventilation system was installed and additional equipment was purchased. It was also in 1996 that the PEINTURES P.M.S. trainers obtained status under the Quebec legislation entitled An Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

Many challenges had to be met in 1997-1998, including the application of ISO 9001 in Quebec City and Montreal and the quest to make environmental solutions available for customers. PEINTURES P.M.S. was just soaring, even receiving an order to develop the colours for President Bill Clinton’s next bus!

In 1999, PEINTURES P.M.S. developed its website and published an attractive corporate brochure for its English and French speaking customers. It joined the “Regroupement des chefs d’entreprises du Québec” [Quebec Association of Business Leaders] and became involved in innovative design projects for Prévost Car, a customer of international scope.

In 2000, PEINTURES P.M.S. withdrew from distributing Sherwin-Williams products and opened a subsidiary which sold PPG products to its customers. In 2001, Italian LECHLER products were also added. By concluding new partnerships, PEINTURES P.M.S. enhanced its competitiveness in the industrial paint market by offering a more varied line up of products without withdrawing from the commercial paint market.

Since 2001 and up to now we have diversified our range of industrial paints in various fields, such as doors and windows, garage doors, waste containers, surveillance camera bodies, sports equipment, truck boxes (province of Quebec and Quebec City heavy equipment fleets), publicity signage, plastics industry, etc. In addition, we now have several paint distributors in various regions who sell our quality Lechler products!

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