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With a compact inventory consisting of 33 basecoats, 3 additives, and 61 types of binders suitable for as many products, Peintures PMS offers a selection of more than 366,000 paint colors for all kinds of projects and surfaces, such as industrial machinery, auto bodies, outdoor structures, furniture, municipal fixtures, bicycles, office equipment, appliances, aquatics equipment, for products made of wood and much more!

When it comes to top quality paint, durable finishes, ultra-fast dry times, and technical support, products from Peintures PMS, perform with flying colors!

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• Always give the best services and become the best reference in industrial paint world.

• Promote very high quality water based paint products and with a very low VOC emissions for the environment.

Offer the best training and support to all professionals who are using commercial and industrial paint.


Founded in 1983, Peintures PMS offers European know-how adapted to meet the needs of your business here at home.


With its integrated industrial paint program Besa and Lechsys Hydro, the Zowo-Plast doors and windows paint and the Deco-Tec and Zowo-Tec sain and varnishes for products that are made of wood, Peintures PMS offers you all products needed to achieve all your projects with an endless color choice for all type of surfaces.


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