You create or repair indoor and outdoor signs? You are looking for very high quality of industrial paint products with an infinity of colors choice? You are at the right place! Peinture PMS is a supplier (distributor) of high quality industrial paint made for all kind of application who is offering a technical support in enterprise.

For all type of sign, indoor or outdoor, Peintures PMS suggest you the industrial paint products of Lechler. You have to achieve a sign made of aluminium, steel, brass, vinyl, rigid or flexible canvas, sintra, MDF, all type of plastic or in other material? We have a coloration system to achieve all your solid, metallic or pearl colors. The first quality paint with long-lasting finish and a super ultrafast drying time. The color system we suggest are water-based (environmentally-friendly products) which are made to respect the actual effective regulations standards and the color system that are solvent-based. See, as an example, the McDonald’s restaurant sign picture done with Lechler products on our web site.

Take benefit of a technical support by experts who will meet you in your company and take benefit of a color development offers at our colorimetry department. The possibilities of billposting colors creations are endless. For colors that stick the image of your company (enterprise), you need Lechler industrial paint products. The color development can be done in a short delay. We also have a research and development laboratory to help you with your project.

Our mission is to offer the best training and support to all professionals who are using commercial and industrial paint, to become the best reference in the industrial paint world and, finally, to promote a very high quality water-based paint products with a very low VOC (volatile organic component) emissions because we take in consideration the environment facts. You can count on our experts!