Peintures PMS introduces its products’ catalog which is made in 5 different topics; wooden, environmentally-friendly products, signs, industrial products and windows & doors.


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Environmentaly-friendly products

For the maintenance and the protection of wooden products, the ZOBEL products are honoured! Ideal for outdoor projects like windows, balcony, patio, doors and much more! The ZOBEL products are process-oriented and cost-effective coating processes. The first quality of coatings and varnishes for wood components of ZOBEL will offer you a very high performance with a strong warranty.

Do you know that we offer environmentally-friendly products?

Peintures PMS have several complete series of water based and very low VOC (volatile organic component) products which are respecting the environment standards regulations and that are safe for the environment. Much more, these series of products offer a very high performance.

We offer industrial paint for signs. There is two types of products; the solvent based one and the water based. Often used for outdoor signs as you can see on the picture; one of our project was the McDonald’s restaurant sign.

For the industrial products, we are using the Lechler products. The Lechler industrial paint can cover a variety of products like sport equipment, bicycles, containers, dump body truck, commercial material and all metallic products types.

Our last category treat about all information regarding windows & doors and garage doors. For sure, each of these products can be made of different material like the PVC, wood, steel and aluminum. Fortunately, we have a very big variety of paint to use for all work needs. Here again, we are using Zobel and Lechler products.

You don’t know what is the best industrial paint to use to do your work? Contact one of our expert today. They will guide you.
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