PEINTURES PMS : the story of passion

Peintures PMS was founded in 1983 by Paul and Marc Chantal to offer products of industrial and commercial paint in the field of automotive and commercial activities.

The products they offer are internationally renowned and imported from Italy and Germany; countries that are well known for their high quality standards in the industry. Listening to their customers, Peintures PMS introduced, to their request, a private training service in order to give a technical support for professional painters.

Peintures PMS is a distributor of industrial paint products with a high value-added trade mark of Lechler and Zobel. All the products that we offer have a very high quality, a very high performance and respect the actual regulations standards which will be to the level of your expectations. You will find in the products that we suggest you a complete range of environmentally-friendly paint products for industrial, commercial and wooden products domains. Having a sight on the environment protection is very important to us.

In 2001, Peintures PMS diversified its industrial paint market into different activity field like doors & windows, garage doors, waste containers, camera boxes, aluminium mag, sports equipment, dump body truck, marketing sign and plastic industries to name some of them.

In 2011, we moved in a completely new building of 12700 square feet located at St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec in which we establish a paint chamber, a training center, a research & development laboratory and a state-of-the-art colorimetry department that will meet actual and future needs of our customers.

In 2017, Peintures PMS begins to introduce a new range of water-based industrial paint products created for wood that have a very LOW VOC (volatile organic component) emission and are very environmentally-friendly responsible in collaboration with Zobel.

Our paint products are useful, protect and embellish products that are made of wood, PVC, steel, aluminium and other metallic material and are sustained per a strong warranty. No matter the project you have, we have the solution you need.

Your project can be for a production line, sign, doors & windows or anything else. Our mission is to offer you the best training and the best technical support to the professionals who use the industrial and commercial paint, to give you the best services and become the best reference in the industrial paint world, and at the end, promote very high quality of industrial paints with a very LOW VOC in order to protect the environment. You can count on our experts!

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