Discover our Zobel trade mark product. First quality of coatings and varnishes for wood components. The Zobel water based products are very performing with LOW V.O.C. for in and outdoor like doors & windows, shutters, handrail, terrace decks, playground equipment, fences and much more. Peintures PMS suggest you 2 different environmentally-friendly products: The Deco-Tec and the Zowo-Tec products.


zobel zowohome

ZowoHome is an ecological water-based product that will enhance for sure your interior. ZowoHome enhances the wood grain with its excellent transparency, has a very good resistance against abrasion, scratching and hand moisturizing lotion. It is perfect for interior furnitures, interior stairs, handrails and doors, wooden floors and all other interior surfaces made of wood. ZowoHome is perfectly appropriate for small and large production line. It has a very high stability ZowoHome has an excellent anti-sagging properties on vertical surfaces and can be easily applied with a brush, a roll or spraying process.

The Deco-Tec products are using to protect not dimensionally stable wooden building components like patio, terrace, playground equipment, handrails, furniture and other. Deco-Tec is appropriate to do maintenance or to cover and protect all wooden component; treated wood for terrace, pine, white pine, maple, walnut, larch, white larch, chestnut, mahogany, teak, jacaranda, oak, spruce, meranti, cherry wood and other. The glazing coatings (varnishes) system of Zobel enhances the look of the finish product by accentuating the wood grain or if you do not want to see the wood grain, you can use the opaque color coating system in an infinity of natural colors or classic one. Our colorimetry services can also develop your personalized color. So, go ahead and show all your colors!

The Zowo-Tec products are used for stables wooden building component like high quality of doors & windows. These products of industrial paint for wood offer solution for all production process. The primer are made of optimized formulation which respect the pigment suspension properties and have an excellent flow. The uniform colouring prevents cumbersome touch-up work. Very little roughening and thus only minimal sanding. The Intermediate coats offer an excellent interplay of insulating primers and intermediate coats for efficient insulation of wood constituents, particularly for larch. The top coats offer a brilliant surface finish, have extreme weather tolerance and is extremely resistant to scratch. The Anti-Heat Zobel system will give an exceptional durability.


Very performing water based products with LOW V.O.C. for in and outdoor like doors and windows, shutters, handrail, terrace decks and more.

  • Proven in extreme climate zones.
  • Process-oriented and cost-effective coating processes.
  • Strong guarantee.

All Zobel industrial paint products for wood have been tested in extreme climate zone, offer you efficient and saving coating processes and have a very strong warranty. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, require the best to get the best result. Let Peintures PMS experts guide you!