Impregnations and Primers

• Optimized formulas with respect to suspension properties of the pigments.
• Excellent flow. Uniform colouring prevents cumbersome touch-up work.
• Very little roughening and thus only minimal sanding.

Intermediate Coats

• Product solutions for every production process.
• Excellent interplay of insulating primers and intermediate coats for efficient insulation of, wood constituents, particularly also for larch.

Top Coats

• Brillant surface finish
• Material-saving possible due to good flow even at low wet-film thickness.
• Extreme weather tolerance, early blocking stability and water-resistance thanks to self-integrating top coats.
• High elasticity for heavy mechanical loading, e.g. hail.
• Extremely scratch resistant coating with a polyurethane base for front doors.
• Exceptional durability thanks to ZOBEL ANTI-HEAT.

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